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Some IWC Portuguese Replica Watches stories are more interesting than others. Most microbrands that IWC Portuguese Replica Watches launch (successfully) have the same pitch. It's a passion for watches at the beginning and then the desire to create something unique. This is a common story, true or false. Dan Henry is more real, more tangible. The answer to your IWC Portuguese Replica Watches question about Dan Henry's passion for watches is a big YES. This passion can be clearly seen in the watches Dan Henry Watches, which he collects of some of the most beautiful vintage watches. Today, we speak with him to learn more about how IWC Portuguese Replica Watches and why things began and continued.Erik Slaven MONOCHROME: You are an avid collector and enthusiast. In order to show your passion, you created an Instagram account, and later a website (, dedicated to your IWC Portuguese Replica Watches collections. What was it that sparked your interest in watches? It was the Roskopf pocket watch that you got on your 10th Birthday. What was the story?IWC Portuguese Replica Watches

Dan IWC Replica Watches Henry - I was born to be a collector. As a child, I was fascinated IWC Portuguese Replica Watches at machines that operate without external power sources. It was first gliders and kites that fascinated me, then it was sailboats. They all work without an engine. My IWC Portuguese Replica Watches discovery that an automatic watch could work without a battery, and theoretically, could run forever, provided you keep moving, was what really hooked me as a boy. Watches were all I wanted during holidays and birthdays. When I was 15 years old, I IWC Portuguese Replica Watches had more than 30 watches. Some of these watches are still with me. When I was 9-10 years old, I can recall trading watches with my classmates at school. Although the Roskopf was my first timepiece vintage, I also owned quartz IWC Portuguese Replica Watches watches.When I discovered eBay and other online auctions, 1998 was the year I became a full-time watch collector. To grow and improve my collection, I began trading watches. In the same year, I started collecting email addresses from friends and began offering watches in email bulletins. This was my first attempt. In Brazil, modern watches such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, IWC Portuguese Replica Watches Bulgari and Tag Heuer were easier to sell than vintage watches. I decided to start promoting modern watches. This was a great timing because most of the watches that I sold were returned to me in exchange for new ones. This was the beginning of my vintage collection. Those were busy days. Good days were when I was selling or buying half a dozen watches.IWC Portuguese Replica Watches

My primary IWC Portuguese Replica sources for watches today are antique fairs and IWC Portuguese Replica Watches contacting collectors in WhatsApp groups. I am now focusing on becoming a manufacturer and I have stopped buying watches. In the past, I used to buy two or three IWC Portuguese Replica Watcheswatches per week. I am happy if I can find one every month.How did your first collection look? What kind of watches were you first able to acquire? And how has your collection evolved over time? Are you more concerned with the watch's history, technical design, or aesthetics? Do you have phases that you are IWC Portuguese Replica Watches more focused on one aspect than the other?My first watches were a quartz Casio Game 10 and a Timex Star Wars. In 1984, I received my first Swiss piece, a Swatch. My grandfather gifted me his golden Universal Polerouter, Gerald Genta's gold Universal Polerouter with a tropical dial when I was 15. That watch is still in my collection. I enjoy collecting watches with great histories and good looks. Three things are important to me in a watch: Its beauty, its dedication by its makers, and its historical IWC Portuguese Replica Watches relevance. There are other issues, too, like the talents of the designers or the technologies at the time of manufacture.IWC Portuguese Replica Watches

My priority today is tool watches. When I must choose between a IWC Portuguese Replica Watches chronograph and a diver, I will always opt for the chronograph. My collection includes wristwatches as well as timepieces. I like precision instruments such as pocket watches IWC Portuguese Replica Watches and marine chronometers, particularly the more complicated ones.Over the years I have become more selective about my watch collection. I now place great importance on the condition and originality of watches. I only IWC Portuguese Replica Watches purchase pieces that are in good condition, original and free from any damage or alterations. This led me to discover other types of vintage items, including paintings, tapestries and sculptures, lighters and pens, jewellery, knives, and glassware. All of this is now part of my daily life.IWC Portuguese Replica Watches